What factors affect the estimated cost of pest control services?:

Multiple factors affect the estimated Cost of services provided by Jamul Pest Control, the main ones are:

1. Severity of the problem: Some problems are easy to control and will requiere minimum visits or time on site to gain and maintain control over the pests, some other problems requiere multiple visits to correct the issue, then gain and maintain the control with high frequency of services, as the control is gained, the service frequency can be adjusted at no additional cost for our customers.

2. Location of the problem: Finding and getting rid of the source is the primary way for true professionals to resolve pest related issues, but sometimes the source area is hard to reach or even out of regular reach, that is when the pest control professional experience and creativity comes in place.

3. Size of the Area with the problem: 

4. Type of Setting: 

5. Customer expectations and requests: Even though We can adjust to almost any level of budget, some cases need an individualized plan to be able to return the area to the level of control desired, this also varies depending on specific requests made by guvernamental agencies or third parties(like customers or suppliers)

Small Local versus Large Corporate Pest Control: Whats the difference anyway?

Deciding wether you get serviced by a Local small "moms and pops" pest control company versus a huge "goliath" pest corporation can be difficult sometimes, in one end you have the highly attentive customer oriented expert with extensive knoledge on local pests and the local environment, while on the other you have a company with a thousand representatives and 24 hours phone service ready to get you on schedule,  there is multiple benefits on choosing a small company like Jamul Pest Control with a complete focus on customer service and helping you make sure we do a great job for you, with results and service that you will enjoy every single time.

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