Rat Information

Norway rats, also known as brown rats or sewer rats, are among the most common rodent pests found in San Diego county. These rodents are typically robust and can grow up to 9-11 inches in length, not including their tail, which is often shorter than their body. Their fur is coarse and usually brown or gray, with a lighter underside. Norway rats have small eyes and ears relative to their body size and a blunt snout.

Rats are primarily nocturnal, preferring to forage for food and explore their surroundings under the cover of darkness. They are excellent burrowers and can create extensive underground tunnel systems for shelter and nesting. These rodents are opportunistic feeders and will consume a wide variety of foods, including grains, fruits, vegetables, meats, and even pet food left out in the open. They are also known to scavenge for food scraps in garbage bins and compost piles, making them a common pest in both residential and commercial settings. Rats are prolific breeders, with females capable of producing several litters per year. Their rapid reproduction rate and adaptable nature make them a challenging pest to control once they establish a presence in an area.

Rat Prevention

There are steps you can take to preventing rat infestations. Keep your home and property clean and clutter-free, as rats are attracted to areas with ample hiding spots and food debris. Rats can squeeze through opoenings the size of a quarter, so make sure to seal any cracks or openings around the foundation, windows, and doors using durable materials. Store food items in sturdy, airtight containers and ensure that garbage bins have tightly sealed lids to eliminate potential food sources. Trim back vegetation and remove debris from the perimeter of your home to reduce hiding places and nesting sites.

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Rodent Dangers & Damage

Rodents such as mice and rats can cause significant damage to homes and pose a serious health hazard. Rodents cause structural damage by gnawing on wood, electrical wires, insulation, and even pipes, which can lead to costly repairs and potential safety hazards. Chewed wires pose a severe risk of electrical fires, putting both your property and family in danger. Rodents routinely contaminate food supplies with their droppings, urine, and fur, leading to foodborne illnesses. Rodents are carriers of various diseases, including Hantavirus, Salmonella, and Leptospirosis, which can be transmitted to humans through direct contact with rodent feces, urine, or saliva, as well as through contaminated food or surfaces. In addition to diseases, rodents can introduce ectoparasites like fleas, ticks, and mites into your living space.

Rat Control, Removal & Exclusion

Rodents make their way inside from San Diego's surrounding open areas or other buildings. Our rodent treatment plans begin with bait stations around the outside of the home and traps inside the home. We strongly recommend preventative maintenance steps to keep your rats from returning. Rats use already existing openings around the home to gain entry to wall voids, attics, crawlspaces, etc. If these holes are left unsealed, more rats will move in. We eliminate the presence of future rodents by sealing any openings that they might use with high quality, industrial strength materials. Jamul Pest Control’s technicians are state licensed and specially trained in rodent baiting, trapping, extermination, and exclusion services. We use special tools and techniques to quickly eliminate the offending rodents. All trapping is done in accordance with local, state, and federal laws. We strive for customer satisfaction and professional excellence.

Rodent Damage Restoration

Once inside, rodents shred insulation as well as bring in other materials to make a nest. As the nest is constructed, the rodents will urinate and defecate within the space. The longer the rodents stay in the attic, the more damage is done. We'll conduct a thorough assessment of your property to identify potential entry points and develop a customized plan tailored to your property's specific needs and local rodent population. After the rats or mice have been removed from your property, we’ll clean out the toxic urine and feces. We’ll remove and replace the damaged insulation, deodorizing the affected area as we go.

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Guaranteed Results

Jamul Pest Control offers a variety of methods to control the local wildlife population. Both the inside and outside of your home are always under warranty. We guarantee your satisfaction between regular scheduled maintenance services. We are committed to safe, nondestructive methods to remove animal populations and prevent them from returning.

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