Cricket Pest Control

House crickets are nocturnal and usually hide in dark, warm places during the day. Male house crickets chirp and attract females by rubbing a scraper on the inner edge of the left wing against the teeth of a file beneath the right wing. Outside, crickets are attracted to bluish electric lights and can often be seen swarming near them in large numbers. They feed on plants and dead or live insects, including other crickets.

Crickets are found in food processing areas and food storage areas, as well as other areas indoors and out. They are active when the temperature is 70 degrees or higher, but they can survive lower temperatures with the right conditions. During warm weather, house crickets typically live outdoors and can commonly be found in garbage dumps. With the approach of cold weather they seek shelter indoors, especially in places such as sheds and houses, seeking areas of moisture and fermentation.

When crickets find their way inside homes, they can damage clothing, carpeting and other fabrics including wool, cotton, silk, and synthetics. They can eat through large areas of fabric, and are especially attracted to clothes soiled with perspiration.

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Steps You Can Take To Prevent Cricket Infestations

Reduce or eliminate areas of moisture near your home by mowing lawns, weeding plant beds and removing woodpiles.

Change outdoor lights yellow bulbs or sodium vapor lamps.

Properly screen windows and doors.

Seal points of entry outside the home such as around doors and windows, near utility pipes and holes in masonry.

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Cricket Treatment

Crickets fall under our general pest control treatment program. This starts with one of our expert technicians coming to your home or business to inspect the source of your pest problems. Once the source is determined, our technician will apply a low-toxicity pesticide barrier along the base of the walls in the interior. Another low-toxicity, mild pesticide will also be applied to the exterior of the home. After the initial treatment, we recommend beginning a regular pest treatment program, in which we return on a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis to treat the exterior of your home to prevent pests from returning. This service is guaranteed to keep you pest free.

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Guaranteed Results

Both the inside and outside of your home are always under warranty. We guarantee your satisfaction between regular scheduled maintenance services. If ants should show up between services please give us a call and our protection plan offers our customers peace of mind knowing they can call us given an unforeseen invasion.

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