Cockroach Treatment

Depending on the severity of infestation, we use a variety of methods to offer complete roach control; spray pesticide, growth regulator and targeted baits. Bait is a scented gel pesticide that the cockroaches eat and share with the colony. Spraying leaves a residual pesticide behind which the cockroaches travel over to pick up a lethal dose. Growth regulator is a hormone disruptor that affects the cockroaches ability to reproduce and grow. In effect, a cockroach sheds its skin like a snake and growth regulator blocks the pest's ability to perform this task effectively.

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Inspection for Cockroaches

Cockroaches are commonly found outdoors in moist, dark locations all over San Diego. When conditions become unfavorable, "Water Bugs" are known to come inside seeking more pleasant temperatures, sources of water and food for their offspring. Our service begins with a licensed technician providing a full inspection of your residence and property. During the inspection, your cockroach control technician will identify potential problem areas around your home or office. After the source of your problem areas have been identified, your technician will point out other potential Water bug harborages and steps you can take to reduce future cockroach infestations. Your technician will create a customized cockroach treatment plan which will eliminate all live cockroaches. Your technician will also suggest treatment options which provide year-round protection, using the most effective and environmentally-conscious cockroach control solutions.

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Cockroach Pest Control

After your home or office has been readied for service, your cockroach control technician will begin our two part cockroach service. Initial treatment consists of low toxicity, non-repellent chemicals which are undetectable to cockroaches. The treatment covers the affected roaches as they travel and is transferred from cockroach to cockroach, killing the colony just like a virus. In conjunction with low toxicity transferable pesticides, we also utilize gel baits which work similarly to our non-repellent spray. After your initial treatment, your technician will return to inspect your property for remaining signs of cockroach activity, applying bait where it is appropriate. After treatment, we require all treated areas to remain exceptionally clean and uncluttered to ensure total knockdown.

cockroach pest control san diego

Guaranteed Results

Both the inside and outside of your home are always under warranty. We guarantee your satisfaction between regular scheduled maintenance services. If ants should show up between services please give us a call and our protection plan offers our customers peace of mind knowing they can call us given an unforeseen invasion.

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