Bird Information

The presence of birds around your property may seem innocuous at first glance, but their nesting habits can lead to a multitude of problems that compromise both the integrity of your home and the well-being of its occupants. Bird nests can create serious issues if left unchecked. From obstructing ventilation systems and posing fire hazards to causing structural damage and attracting other pests, the consequences of bird nesting can be far-reaching and costly. We understand the importance of addressing these concerns promptly and effectively. We offer removal and deterrent solutions for Crows, Doves, Finches, Pigeons, Sea Gulls, Sparrows, Owls, and Woodpeckers. Our professional bird removal services not only eliminate immediate threats but also safeguard your home against potential hazards, ensuring a healthy, and pest-free living environment.

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Bird Health Dangers & Damage

Birds are vectors for parasites and disease and pose a significant health risk to humans. Birds contaminate products and cause industrial accidents, posing a risk to your employees. Birds build nests in eaves, attic spaces, roof edges and tree tops. Roosting areas are typically covered in acidic feces. Bird droppings cause structural damage, block drain pipes and gutters, erode stonework, foul fire escapes, damage air conditioning units, ruin solar power units and electrical systems.

Bird Control, Removal & Exclusion

If you have a bird problem, we strongly recommend preventative maintenance steps to keep your birds from returning. Birds tend to use already existing openings around the home to make their nests. If these holes are left unsealed, more birds will move in. We eliminate the presence of future bird infestations by sealing any openings that they might use. Spike strips are humane deterrents to bird roosting in common problem areas. Spike strips are especially useful in commercial areas with ongoing bird control problems. Bird abatement spike strips are environmentally friendly, non-lethal and provide a lasting bird control solution.

Bird Damage Restoration

We specialize in nest removal and attic insulation restoration services. Bird droppings and nesting materials can harbor harmful bacteria, fungi, and parasites, potentially leading to health issues such as respiratory problems. These contaminants may also attract other pests like insects and rodents, exacerbating the infestation. Bird nests can block ventilation systems and ducts, causing ventilation problems. Additionally, the dry nesting materials like twigs and straw present fire hazards, when built near electrical wiring or heating systems. Dry , leading to potential structural damage and endangering the safety of the building and its occupants. After nest removal, we eliminate potential health hazards and any structural damage caused by nesting activities by replacing soiled or damaged insulation material.

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Guaranteed Results

Jamul Pest Control offers a variety of methods to control the local wildlife population. Both the inside and outside of your home are always under warranty. We guarantee your satisfaction between regular scheduled maintenance services. We are committed to safe, nondestructive methods to remove animal populations and prevent them from returning.

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